Thursday, January 29, 2009

Special Orders - One To Be Announced

Well this week, I was busy decompressing from the Fur Con and also completing my sales tax report due to the state of California. Wow, sometimes bookkeeping can be sooo daunting!

On the positive side, I have been working on a few special orders. The first one is for a client who provided their own fur to create a waist length coat. The fur is a sliky green and cream textured and I lined it with a technicolor lizard short pile fur to add an ***POW** to the inside!

The second special order is the hooded vest in grey with black. In the lining of the hood I added 2 fabrics together. I rimmed the hood with black silver studs. It frames the face and creates real dimension.

The third project is another waist length coat. It is created with purple and pink bubble fur and the cuffs are trimmed with frosted purple. This is a custom order so my client really wanted to make a statement. We lined it in purple leopard fabric. Of course, inside pockets and a zippered closure. I can't post a picture of this coat until next week as my client reads this blog and is expecting the finished product as a surprise!!

The 'Mad Bomber' hat is started to 'move off the shelves' and two more are packed to go!

Thanks for reading and more posts and designs are on the cutting table... until then!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fur Con '09 - Furlicious!!

Fur Con is a 3 day furry convention in San Jose CA. Merritt and I donned some furry ears and a tail and headed on down!
From the group shot - you can see there were 500+ participants in the furry parade! The convention had about 2500 attendees!!

This is the first convention we have participated in and we have to say it was a blast!
The people are fantastic and very warm and friendly!
We shared a table with a very talented artist and even got a sketch of Electra, our leopard gecko!
I am attaching several pictures of the event, the participants and our booth!
We have some great ideas for future shows and perhaps Merritt will even do some of his digital art! The event is very creative and art focused and there are lots of artists with many different styles. I think Merritt has been inspired! If you haven't seen his work... it is amazing and perhaps we can get him to start posting his work!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Further Confusion- This Weekend!

I've been working the last few days on getting ready for my next show coming up this weekend in San Jose. The show is called Further Confusion. Further Confusion is one of the largest international conventions celebrating anthropomorphics in all its guises. With an attendance of over 2,400 and growing, it is one of the premiere events of its kind.

Needless to say, I have been busy incorporating tails and ears to my coats, jackets and cloakes. I will include several pictures of what I have been creating for the show.
You will see from the pictures, the ears and tails are really quite fun!

The show is 3 days and I will be sure to post some images and stories from our little adventure into furryland.
I'm going to call my weekend 'Where the Wild things are!'

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tailed and Trimmed - The shorts get the done stamp!

The shorts finished their transformation - they are not tailed and trimmed out in orange fur!

I added 2 inches of fur trim to each leg and also added the slightly stuffed and wired tail to the back of the shorts! The tail is quite unique as it seems to have a life of it's own with the wiring and also the slightly stuffed nature of it. You can bend it and form it into many different positions - depending on how you are feeling... Feeling frisky?? Feeling playful? All can be determined by the shape and bend of your tail!
I placed the tail coming out of the back of the shorts but sewed it in place inside the waistband. This way the waistband will take most of the stress on the garment and is a very strong place to secure it. I mean what would happen if someone came up to you and gave you a tug on your tail?? If it ripped your shorts out that would be a huge bummer! This way, the waist band and the strongest part of the shorts - will take the stress and all will be well in kittyland!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fur Shorts - Tail coming soon!

When you want a slight breeze to tickle your knees, when you want to dance all night or work the dj booth til 5am... you don't need fur pants... you need fur SHORTS!!!

The newest and latest creation, as part of my custom order, is fur shorts. We decided as a design team, to go with a shorter pile black fur. A complimentary style fur and not matching. I think this will end up being more comfortable, lighter weight and easier over all to manage. It turned out to be correct!!

The black fur is more of a vintage crushed velvet style and lent itself very well to something as movable as shorts. I added front pockets, lined in orange leopard, and 2 back patch pockets totally lined. Belt loops on the front and the back with an interfaced waist band also in orange leopard.

I will be rimming the bottom of the legs in orange fur and adding a 36 inch long wide orange fur tail to the back of the shorts to add the finishing touch!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Custom order - Coat and Boot covers complete!

So, continuing on with my custom order - I finished the custom coat. It has velcro closures on the coat - which work perfectly with the longer furs. It makes for a quick release as well as tight closure to keep you warm!
The boot covers are a bit unique in that they have 3 inch stripes down both sides. I have to say - this is going to be a stunning outfit!
I have been working on complimentary shorts to match and made a lot of headway today. More details to follow!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kitty ears and tails - Oh My!!

So this week I have been working on a custom order. My client and I have come together and designed an outfit that will consist of a waist length faux fur coat with hood and kitty ears. The lining is composed of several different short piled furs. Yellow leopard in the body and hood and orange leopard in the sleeves and pockets. To add another feature - I added 2 inches of orange around the hood for interest. I think it came together really well. If you know me... I would have to say orange and yellow are a delightful combination and one I have played in and with many times!!

I am also making 3 fur combination in the boot covers and a pair of faux fur board shorts. The shorts are a new item for me - so I am developing a plan on just the right style and way to make them look great - and be comfortable to wear ie. not too bulky.
I will post when I finish the shorts. In the mean time.. here are the beginnings of the lining and the kitty ears!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

AN original WIld Coat... Leopard inside and out!

In a continual advance to get my stock of long coats up and going I made yet another large coat this week. I hope to make another by the end of the week (that's Sunday in an Entrepreneurs' week ;)
This one is similar to the white one I made at the beginning of the week. It is a full length and fully lined with aqua short pile fur. I love the natural outside and the pop of color with the aqua leopard inside. It has an inside iphone/ipod pocket and another gear pocket along with the side pockets. Big furry collar and zippered closure to keep you toasty warm!

Next week, I'm going to work on a few hooded coats and I have a few great ideas for a hoodie, stretchy dress that I want to fur trim. I have this great design in my head and need to work out the 'real' world dress. Often times, things in my mind are just awesome and then when I make them and put them on... well, not so much.

I'll keep you updated!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter White Faux Fur- take the town in a vision!

So, my latest creation is my Winter White faux fur coat.
I finished this coat yesterday, all white - inside and out!
White bubble fur body with a long fur white cuffs and cozy collar.
I made this coat with a zipper - which is sometimes hard to do with fur but I trimmed down the fur bubbles near the zipper and now it glides effortlessly!
It's lined with pure white short pile fur and has two inside pockets and two oversized outside pockets!
This one is going on the Wild on the Inside rack for sale at the next event... If large is your size it can be yours!
List price for this coat is $450... but if you are reading this and want it after seeing my blog or facebook posting - it's yours for $50 bucks off and FREE Shipping!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Wild on the Inside Begins Studio Blog!

Now, you can follow along and get updates on all the new designs as they are made by following my studio blog!
Not everything makes it to the show - now you can see the demo, test pieces, ideas and concepts - well before they make it to the website!!
I will even add some how to's on fashion and business as I continue my learning process!
Tune it... it's going to be fun!

The Mad Bomber Hat takes to the slopes!

The Wild on the Inside 'Mad Bomber' hat is the ultimate slope side accessory!
There will be no hiding with this hat made of silver studded fur with a wild long hair fur 'mohawk'! Totally lined in black super soft sherpa fleece!