Sunday, March 11, 2007

Green on the Inside! Recycled Linings for Faux Fur Coats!

The quirky, funky, vintage and just unique aspect of Wild on the Inside's Faux Fur just got greener!
WILD’S LINE OF COATS HAVE LININGS THAT ARE now made from unwanted clothes and textiles. They are first cleaned, then deconstructed and lastly refashioned into your new faux fur.
These reconstructed items:
1) reduce the need for landfill space
These perfectly good textiles are used again and not simply thrown away. Their usefullness is renewed!
2) reduce pressure on virgin resources
No more materials extraction and manufacturing are necessary to get you a new garmet.
3) reduce pollution and energey use
fibers do not have to be made and then transported from abroad...AGAIN!
This 'new' line of products will be going up on the website soon. Check back on the Wild blog to see images.