Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wild Funky Glasses.... $30 Bucks???

Every outfit and look deserves a fun and funky pair of glasses, right??

But at $300-600+ dollars plus a pair... its hard to justify this expense more than once a year or so. A flight attendant friend of mine ha
s been getting her glasses made in Asia for years for $20 or $30 a pair. But this price you would never find in this country... or would you??

I found a blog that was talking about one such site that creates glasses for $30 bucks a pair. The variety is amazing in the frames and free
coatings, free shipping.. how could I go wrong?!

$30 Bucks for Prescription Glasses

So, I decided to try it out. Worse case scenario, I would donate the non-correct, bulky or otherwise crappy pair of glasses.

I was excited by the price and the selection of frames. The decision was tough, but I got my prescription out, shopped for the perfect frames and placed my order for 2 pairs of prescription glasses. I quickly ordered one pair of regular prescription glasses and another tinted for sunglasses.

A week went by and then via USPS I received them! I was delighted with the glasses - have I told you the price??? I couldn’t believe the quality! The glasses came with crystal Clear lenses, coated with anti-reflective, UV and anti scratch coatings.

I am such a believer I signed up as an affilate because I knew that I would be telling everyone I knew, that wears glasses, about where to get their next pair, or two... or three!

I am going to order several more pairs to have a few different looks. Heck at this price you can have one for each day of the week! My last pair of glasses cost over $300 and that was at a discounter. I chose a conservative pair that would last for several years and would go with every look I wanted to create. Now I can have funky, creative, serious, intellectual etc... to wear with whatever mood I have!

Just click on any of the images on this page and you will be linked to the glasses website. Please use this link when purchasing or forwarding as this is how I receive credit for the referral!
(I'm working on a pair for every day of the week... heck perhaps one for every day of the month!! Help me out!)
Here is the direct link to forward to use: $30 Bucks for Prescription Glasses

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