Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Burning Man Prep Time is HERE with New Faux Fur Coat Designs!

Can it be already the middle of June? We are in the full wave of Burning Man preparation time and boy is this year going to be an interesting one! The ticket situation is bound to create a few changes but change is good right? It helps us to see things differently and to value where we are presently because... everything changes... even on the playa!

Here at Wild on the Inside Faux Furs, we are changing a few things too! I am currently sewing up a storm to get ready for Prepare for the Playa 2012. I plan to focus primarily on my long coats - which is what i have come to be known for over the years! Not only am I sewing up a storm to get a full rack of beauties for you to try on when I go to San Francisco in a month... but I am making them ALL full of the best features! All of them have inside double zippered pockets. Some of the features that were optional are now a standard feature! Custom buttons and fully reversible with trimmed cuffs, hood and along the bottom of the coats! Creating a full one of a kind look - on both sides!

There is no reason to wait if you have your eyes on one of these one of kind beauties. I have updated the website to reflect all the coats that I have made and I am posting as I go -so you have the best chances of connecting with your coat - before the big sale!

Custom Garment Bag
Free with Order in June
For a JUNE SPECIAL I will include a custom garment bag with your coat order! So order in June and receive a special place to keep your Wild on the Inside Original clean and safe!

Here is the link to my Faux Fur Coats currently ready for new homes!
Faux Fur Coats looking for new homes!

Rocky Bubbles Reversible

The Amazing Technicolor Flame Coat
Lime with blue flames Reversible

The Fire Starter Coat

The Prepare for the Playa Events Happen just 2 x per year!
July 15th and August 5th, 2012
Free Entry

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